It Is Not Only Famous People With Eating Disorders

Today not only are famous people affected with eating disorders but the normal people are as well. Yet when people think of famous people with eating disorders the name that springs to most peoples minds is that of Karen Carpenter, who suffered from anorexia.Along with her brother Richard she had formed the group known as “The Carpenters” and would play to large audiences around the world. Yet through out the time she was battling with anorexia and it was only after her death at the age of 32 in 1983 that it came to light she suffered from this particular eating disorder.As with all anorexia sufferers because they choose to not eat correctly or sufficient amounts of food they actually put large amounts of strain on to their body. Karen Carpenter actually suffered a heart attack and this was the main cause of her death.With Karen’s sudden demise it brought focus on to eating problems and certainly for those who had never heard of anorexia before they became more aware. Yet even after Karen Carpenter’s premature death there were plenty of people who were unwilling to recognize just how potentially dangerous not just anorexia or other eating disorders can be.Today you will find that very little is actually being done in order to educate those who suffer and those who do not about these disorders. In many cases people would prefer to not acknowledge that there is such a problem.Along with anorexia today eating disorders such as bulimia and binge eating are becoming far more prevalent in our modern societies. Simply because people are trying to convey an image that they think people want to see. But the truth is with any eating disorder a person is actually placing considerable strain on to their bodies and this includes their heart. Over time because they do not get the right balance of nutrients in their body in order for it to function correctly they become much weaker and eventually they may find that their body just simply can not function any longer.The biggest problem that anyone who suffers from an eating disorder faces no matter whether they are famous or not is actually admitting in the first place that they have one. In many cases although those around them that love and care for them have noticed the changes in their eating habits, they themselves will not. They will simply provide answers which seem quite logical and which will hopefully show to others that they are in control of the situation.But is not just famous people with eating disorders nowadays. In fact, it can actually affect anyone no matter their age, gender or lifestyle. However, when you look at statistics it does seem to be more clearly noted that it women and young girls that suffer from these types of disorders. However it is these people who are now being provided with the help that they need in order to combat their problems because Karen Carpenter’s death highlighted just how serious the problem was becoming.

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